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Gerontology Education Program

The reality of our aging society is resulting in a demand for professionals with knowledge and expertise in aging. There are expanding career opportunities in many fields. From working with well elderly in the community to assisting frail elders in institutions, there is a demand in fields including health care, finance, housing, education, recreation, law and counseling. In addition, new technologies are changing the way people age. Many people are starting their own businesses to help people to age well and maintain their independence. There are many diverse opportunities for a career in the field of aging.

Gerontology education at Indiana University Bloomington is dedicated to provide professional training, up-to-date skills and knowledge, and opportunities for advancement. Students can take a single course, earn a minor or Certificate, and add to credentials at the undergraduate or graduate level.

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The development of the online gerontology curriculum was supported by the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE, http://www.fipse.aed.org/index.cfm) in the US Department of Education.